WSET Certificate Course

Level 1 


If you like wines but you don’t have a chance to really understand what it is. WSET Level 1 is for you! Level 1 will answer these questions you may have:

  • Why wines are wines? (How wine is made and main types of wine)
  • Why a wine is different from the others? (Style of wines and what make a wine different)
  • How to say why I like this wine? (Systematic approach to wine tasting)
  • What wines to open during meals? (Basic principles of food and wine pairing)
  • Having wines at home? (Wine storage tips and wine serving techniques)

In 6 hours only, our wine teachers will bring your wine knowledge into a pro level, with an international recognised certificate.


14 days advance registration is needed in order to take the examination on the same day as the class. Registered within 14 days can attend the class but will need to take the examination on a different date.

45 minutes
30 multiple-choice questions
70% passing grade

Course Structure

6 tutoring hours


No previous knowledge required
Examination applications must be over 18+

Package Offers

WSET Level 1 Award in Wines

WSET Level 2 Award in Wines & Spirits $8,000

WSET Level 3 Award in Wines $15,000

WSET Level 1+2      $9,000
(save $1,180, including FREE Grape Cues 100s, worth $180)

WSET Level 2+3      $20,700
(save $2,780, including FREE Wine Trade Guide, worth $480)

WSET Level 1+2+3      $21,250
(save $5,350, including FREE Grape Cues Wine Quiz Cards Collectors’ Series, worth $1,600 and exclusive invitations to selected seminar/masterclass/trade events)

Discounts on Educational Products

A) 50% OFF Grape Cues 100s (NOW $90 Original price $180)
B) 50% OFF Wine Trade Guide (NOW $240 Original price $480)
C) 50% OFF Grape Cues Wine Quiz Cards Collectors’ Series (NOW $800 Original price $1,600)
D) None

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