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Spirits Certificate Course

Spirits Certificate CourseWhisky Ambassador

The Whisky Ambassador

This program is designed for anyone who wishes to gain thorough knowledge and confidence around whisky.

Developed by The Whisky Ambassador Ltd., it is UK’s only accredited training scheme for the selling of Whisky, particularly Scotch Malt Whisky. Upon completion, participants will get the The Whisky Ambassador certificate accredited by BIIAB, UK’s leading provider of qualifications for the licensed trade.

For hospitality industry, the course can help you:

  • Get guests, visitors and customers enthused and interested in the wide and varying Whisky landscape
  • Learn how to sell better product, in a more professional way, and eventually to heighten service levels and profits

For non-industry whisky lovers, the course can help you:

  • Deepen your knowledge and learn how to share your love for whisky with others in a professional way
  • Equip yourself with a BIIAB accredited certificate for career development in Hong Kong and UK
There are two levels in The Whisky Ambassador program:
  • The Whisky Ambassador
    • Fundamentals of Scotch whiskies, including knowledge about history, regions, categories and production
    • Duration: 5 hours / 10 hours (including Irish, Japanese and North American whiskies)
  • The Advanced Whisky Ambassador
    • In-depth knowledge about about Scotch whisky production
    • Food and whisky pairing experiences
    • Duration: 3 days

The designer of the program – The Whisky Ambassador and Jo Graham.

The Gin Ambassador is the sister training programme of the globally acclaimed Whisky Ambassador, whose growing popularity now sees it operate in 33 countries, across six continents. The organisation is founded by Jo Graham who rallied together a group of industry experts and created The Whisky Ambassador programme from scratch. The program soon gained accreditation by both the BIIAB and CPD Standards – the first ever whisky training to be recognised by an awarding body – and has been delivered, in all its immersive, interactive glory, to over 4000 professionals and enthusiasts across the world. The Gin Ambassador follows in the footsteps of its whisky namesake – spreading similarly expert knowledge about one of the world’s most acclaimed spirits.


Founded in 2000, BIIAB is an UK awarding and End-Point Assessment Organisation of choice for work-based learning providers, employers and further education colleges.



30 multiple-choice questions (70% passing grade)
A practical tasting test

Course Structure

4.5 tutoring hours
45 minutes Exam

Topics covered

  • Whisky Areas of Scotland and influence to the Style
  • History of Scotch Whisky
  • Whisky Production, and the Family of Whisky explained (single malt, single grain, blended, blended malt, blended grain)
  • Other World Whiskies
  • Nosing and tasting, in a systematic approach
  • Whisky Mixers and Cocktails
  • Whisky Sales Technique
Certification Body

The Whisky Ambassador Ltd.


No previous knowledge required
Examination applications must be over 18+

Whisky Ambassador + Gin Ambassador : 10% off

2 persons : 10% off

Package prices cannot be used in conjunction with other promotion

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