Capstone California

Intermediate Level 2

Capstone CaliforniaIntermediate Level 2

 “The United States is by far the most important wine producer outside Europe. Yet to my mind we still see too few American wines outside the US …”
– Jancis Robinson, MW

Take a step further into this notable wine region! Join Capstone California Intermediate Level 2, you will be amused by how extensive the program would cover and helpful for your wine study. Great program for California wine lovers and students of WSET Level 2 or 3 alike!

Built on top of the Introductory Level 1 of Capstone California, Level 2 delves deeper into soil, climate, styles of varietal wines in sub regions, viticulture and winemaking. It also discusses AVAs other than Napa and Sonoma, and more important wineries that shape the industry today.

Study Intermediate Level 2 of Capstone California, the authoritative certification program, at MWM Wine School

  • Meet and learn from Debra Meiburg MW, Californian Master of Wines, in tasting sessions
  • Polish tasting skill with an intensive sampling of 40+ wines
  • Access to Capstone California online materials, including presentation and quizzes

The Intermediate Level 2 course builds on Level 1. Students are expected to study the online materials before class. The course covers:

  • Important events in California’s wine history timeline and identify key figures who helped shaped the state’s wine industry.
  • Learn about important geographical factors in major California regions such as rivers, dry creeks and important mountain ranges including the Coastal Range, Mayacamas Mountains, the Vaca Range and Santa Cruz Mountains.
  • Take a deeper look at seven of California’s key grape varieties by exploring the growing regions where they are grown and their distinctive taste profiles.
  • Build understanding about the annual life cycle of the vine and related terms including: flowering, bud break, véraison, trellising, pruning, green harvest, harvest timing and more.
  • Learn winemaking fundamentals and explore cooperage variations (French vs. American vs. other European oak) and how wine style is affected by oak selection.
  • Delve deeper into historic AVAs in Lodi and the Sacramento Delta, Mendocino County, Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo County, Monterey County and Santa Cruz Mountains.

The definitive Wine Certification Program for California Wines, created by internationally recognised California wine experts, including Master Sommelier and Author Evan Goldstein, supported and recognised by California Wine Institute.

The program was originally developed for online self-study, offering four levels, from novice (no wine knowledge required) to expert. Since 2022, the program is brought into the classroom with interaction and tasting components.

Each level of the Capstone Program builds upon the previous one and covers history, geography, climate, soils, grapes, viticulture, vinification, aging/maturation, wine law, official classifications, terminology, producers, vintages and the business of wine. Upon successful completion of an exam, you will receive a Capstone California wine certificate, providing the knowledge to move on to the next level.



Theory Examination

  • 50 multiple-choice questions

60% passing grade

Course Structure

12-15 tutoring hours + Online Study


Completion of  Capstone California Level 1 or equivalent recommended

All applicants must be over 18+

15% off after completion of Capstone California Level 1

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