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Spirits Certificate CourseThe Gin Ambassador

What is the Gin Ambassador Programme?

There’s no denying it – gin is in! Gin has seen a huge surge in popularity over the last few years, with a proliferation of new craft distilleries, unique and premium blends and international interpretations making it a very exciting market.

Gin Ambassador Programme is a one-day course developed by UK to ensure you’re up to speed on the latest trends, as well as well versed in the basics, the history and the technicalities of gin. Upon completion, participants will get the The Gin Ambassador certificate.

What can we get from Gin Ambassador Programme?

  • Taste and analyse at least six gins, using tonics and garnishes to create the perfect combination
  • Make your very own gin blend
  • Taste a gin cocktail and get the recipes for a variety of cocktails, both classic and contemporary
  • Increase your professional skills

What is Gin?

Gin is far more than just a G&T. It can be sweet or savoury, depending on the botanicals used – today many gins use local or unusual botanicals. The tonic can also make a big difference and as more and more gins enter the market, tonic manufacturers are keeping pace, producing a spectrum of complementary flavours and styles.


30 multiple-choice questions (30 minutes, 70% passing grade)

Course Structure

4.5 tutoring hours (Include exam)

Topics covered:

  • Origins and history of gin through the centuries
  • Key production methods
  • Botanicals
  • Range of Gin styles
  • Gin cocktails
  • Perfect serve
  • Tasting

No previous knowledge required
Examination applications must be over 18+

Whisky Ambassador + Gin Ambassador : 10% off

2 persons : 10% off

Package prices cannot be used in conjunction with other promotion

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