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Taste, Travel & ‘Gram: Best of Italy’s Prosecco DOC Region

Take advantage of open borders and book your dream Christmas or Chinese New Year trip to Italy – one of the most popular destinations on the planet! A trip to the Prosecco DOC region’s beautiful towns and provinces combines wine, travel, Michelin-starred restaurants and drool-worthy insta-pics! Here’s the lowdown to max precious travel moments!

Prosecco DOC is the world’s most popular sparkling wine, with record sales in 2021 of nearly 628 million bottles. The grapes used for Prosecco DOC are primarily Glera, a typical variety grown in north-eastern Italy since Roman times. Prosecco DOC has a floral and fruity aroma, and a fresh, light and lively taste.

The Prosecco DOC winemaking territory covers nine provinces of Italy, all with unique attractions and personality. Here is rundown of its territories and key attractions to plan the perfect Prosecco-fuelled, long-awaited Italian vaycay.

Province: Gorizia (Friuli-Venezia Giulia)

A truly international province, Gorizia is nicknamed the “Berlin of the Isonzo”.

Secret IG Hotspot: Valle Cavanata

Latin, Slavic and Germanic worlds collide making Gorizia a cultural melting pot. Found at the meeting place between two famous valleys, the Isonzo and the Vipacco, it is surrounded by the Gorizia hills, known for their particularly favourable climate in terms of wine production. The city boasts medieval, baroque and nineteenth-century architecture, all coexisting in harmony to create a truly unique appearance.

Province: Pordenone (Friuli-Venezia Giulia)

The city of Pordenone is a collection of villages and ancient treasures.

One of the main cities of Friuli, Pordenone is located on the bank of the Noncello. Positioned between Trieste and Venice, Pordenone found a balance between Venetian, French and Austro-Hungarian influences. Its “magredi”, impressive expanses of gravel and pebbles that have remained unchanged for centuries, creating an almost lunar landscape.

Pordenone Restaurants with Michelin Star
• La Primula* (San Quirino, PN)

Province: Trieste (Friuli-Venezia Giulia)

This province is famous for its location on the Karst plateau, which accounts for its unique sinkholes, caves and furrowed fields.A city of a thousand faces, elegant and sincere, Trieste is at a crossroads of the Latin, German and Slavic worlds. It is dominated by the wind known as the Bora, which has spawned a series of legends and made its cafés very popular. Its most unmissable events include: Cantine aperte (Open Cellars) and festa del vino novello (Novello Wine Festival); Festa di San Martino, with Prosecco, music and flavours; and Sagra De La Sardela (Sardine Festival)

Trieste Restaurants with Michelin Star
• Harry’s Piccolo** (Trieste) (pictured left)

Province: Udine (Friuli-Venezia Giulia)

The province of Udine, bordering Austria to the north and Slovenia to the east, is the largest and most populous of the four provinces of the region. Its 35 communes stretch from the Alps to the Adriatic.

A region of natural wonders and incredible archaeological sites, including Aquileia, with the remains of the Roman city and the Paleochristian basilica, and the city of Udine, Friuli-Venezia Giulia is also a major artistic centre thanks to the sites of Cividale del Friuli and Palmanova.

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Udine Restaurants with Michelin Star
• Laite* (Sappada, UD)
• Osteria Altran* (Ruda, UD)
• Agli Amici** (Godia, UD)

Province: Belluno (Veneto) nestled in the Dolomites

Established in the first century BC, Belluno became the Alpine capital in 1999. To the north of the city rise the Dolomites, specifically the Schiara group, while to the south the Alpine foothills divide the Venetian plain from Belluno.

Secret IG Hotspot: Brent de l’Art, a system of gorges located in the Belluno area

Belluno Restaurants with Michelin Star
• Locanda San Lorenzo* (Puos d’Alpago, BL)
• Dolada* (Pieve d’Alpago, BL)
• Tivoli* (Cortina d’Ampezzo, BL)
• SanBrite* (Cortina d’Ampezzo, BL) + green star

Province: Padua (Veneto)

It features a diversity of attractions, from universities to natural wonders. Padua province occupies an area of flat land, crossed by numerous rivers including the Brenta, the Bacchiglione and the Adige. Another noteworthy attraction are the Euganean Spas, located in the hills to the south-west of the city.

The charming city of Padua, known for its artistic and cultural traditions, was founded on over 3000 years of history. It is especially famous for its university and the tales of student spirit that surround it. It is a lively year-round destination, offering a wide range of events such as the Festa dell’Uva (Grape Festival) and Sagra del Folpo (Octopus Festival).

Padova Restaurants with Michelin Star:
• Storie d’Amore* (Borgoricco, PD)
• Lazzaro 1915* (Pontelongo, PD) + green star
• Le Calandre*** (Rubano, PD) (Pictured, above)

Province: Trevisio (Veneto)

The province of Treviso is rich in water, dotted with various springs that surround the area with natural wonders and beautiful landscapes, now classed as protected areas.

The city of Treviso winds its way between frescoed houses, colonnades and tranquil waterways. The historic center is enclosed by the city walls, built over the centuries to defend the city from enemy attacks. From the Tiramisù World Cup to the SOLE LUNA Film Festival to the Il Rogo della Vecchia (Burning of the Old Woman) festivals, it is an event-filled city to visit year-round.

Secret IG Hotspot: Laghi Di Revine Lago (pictured, left)

Treviso Restaurants with Michelin Star:
• Gellius* (Oderzo, TV)

Province: Venice (Veneto)

Art, sea, rivers and beauty – the province of Venice is incredibly diverse in terms of both culture and landscapes.

Venice is a magical place, rich in stories and legends, which is guaranteed to impress. As you wander between the stunning sights of the city, you can also stop into one of the many “bacari” wine bars to sample some typical Venetian delicacies. For the more curious among you, it is easy to lose yourself in the narrow streets, discovering a wonder on every corner.

Venice Restaurants with Michelin Star:
• Wistèria* (Venezia)
• Oro Restaurant* (Venezia)
• Quadri* (Venezia)
• Local* (Venezia)
• Venissa* (Venezia) + green star
• San Martino* (Scorzè, VE)
• Glam Enrico Bartolini** (Venezia)
• Antica Osteria Cera** (Lughetto, VE)

Province: Vicenza (Veneto)

Between the plains and mountains, the province of Vicenza is famous for its craftsmanship. Vicenza is also known as the city of gold, both for its wealth of monuments and because over the years it has become home to the most important European goldsmithing events.

Vicenza Restaurants with Michelin Star:
• Aqua Crua* (Barbarano Vicentino, VI)
• Damini Macelleria & Affini* (Arzignano, VI)
• La Favellina* (Malo, VI)
• Casin del Gamba* (Altissimo, VI)
• Spinechile* (Schio, VI)
• La Tana Gourmet* (Asiago, VI) + green star (pictured, left)

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