Sparkling Sustainability – Buying Better Bubbles for Xmas/NYE 2022

Posted by Alex Webster Aranchikov | 2022-12-05 | Wine Trend

As the festive season approaches, lifestyle-conscious Hong Kongers are becoming increasingly aware of the over-consumption and waste issues presented by the holiday season. From over-packaging, to single-use plastic decoration items, to fast fashion, and food and beverage waste, many are actively seeking to understand and more carefully calculate their consumption choices.

Since popping the cork on a bottle of bubbles an essential ingredient at many Christmas and New Year parties, the Consorzio di Tutela della DOC Prosecco – the institution which aims to coordinate and manage the Denomination of Controlled Origin, producer of the world’s most popular sparkling wine – has shared its renewed sustainability initiates and a list of sustainable and environmentally-conscious producers available in Hong Kong to enable consumers to make better bubbles choices.

Prosecco DOC saw record sales in 2021, topping nearly 628 million bottles globally, making it the sparkling wine of choice for many – particularly at celebratory functions and events.

In 2022 the Consorzio di Tutela della DOC Prosecco announced a series of new and ongoing projects tackling key sustainability issues, while also sharing their increased attention on terroir zoning and strengthening biodiversity.

We are working on a sustainable management system of the entire production chain based on the Standard Equalitas, but also on a protocol that could support wineries to achieve a continuous improvement of their winemaking processes, elevating products and territory. The DOC Consortium, in collaboration with the software-house Apra and its partners Enogis and Analysis, has developed a digital system bringing together vineyards and wineries data, which is sent to a carbon and water-footprint calculator connected to the Consortium’s platform. This system allows us to calculate the environmental indicators of the Denomination, as well as the ones of each individual vineyard or winery.

Stefano Zanette, president of the Prosecco DOC Consortium

Meanwhile, a biodiversity project led by the Consortium, is Mosaico Verde, aiming to increase Italy’s biodiversity by planting 300,000 new trees, along with protecting 30,000 hectares of existing forest.

In addition, a “bee bio-monitoring” project is in development as an environmental indicator.

Beyond the Consortium’s own initiatives, many of its member wineries have long-been perusing sustainability projects.

  • La Marca, one of the world’s biggest Prosecco brands, now has Equalitas Sustainability Certification. With eight associated wineries, 5000 members, more than 15,000 hectares of vineyards and annual production of over fifty million bottles, the La Marca cooperative is one of the leading names in Prosecco DOC. Imported by E&J Gallo. Available from many leading retailers (i.e. Watson’s Wine), supermarkets (i.e. Park’n’Shop)  and online wine stores (i.e. wine’n’things) in Hong Kong. 
  • Boasting the SQNPI sustainability certificate (a leading sustainability certificate recognised by Italy’s Ministry of Agricultural), Torresella combines environmentally friendly, cutting-edge techniques with the traditions of the past, producing excellent quality Prosecco DOC. Both Torresella NV Extra Dry and 2021 Rose Brut is available from Summergate
  • Perlage is another top quality producer of Prosecco DOC, which is fully committed to organic and sustainable production. Sgajo Prosecco DOC Treviso was the first organic wine of Perlage that got the vegan-certification in 2013. It is available from Platinum Wines Hong Kong.
  • La Tordera is the first and only winery in Veneto to have been awarded the CasaClima Wine certification in 2018. Along with a host of other sustainable practises, La Tordera has focused on the carbon footprint of its bottles – a bespoke design for the winery weighing only 700 grams, and comprising over 80% recycled glass. It also has the SQNPI certification. The range is available from importer Chilled Wine.
  • One of the most popular, best-selling Prosecco DOC brands Villa Sandi has a hydroelectric power plant on its grounds and a solar panel grid to support and reduce its power usage, among other initiatives. Plus it has the Biodiversity Friend Certification. Villa Sandi’s Prosecco DOC wines are imported by ASC Fine Wines and available from available from many leading retailers and online wine stores in Hong Kong including Bottle Shop
  • Ponte 1948’s organic production labels have obtained the Certificate of Conformity from the Suolo e Salute inspection and certification body. Available from Castello del Vino

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