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Created by Master of Wine, Debra Meiburg and organized by Meiburg Wine Media (MWM), all events are tailored to your individual requirements. From bespoke international events, to intimate occasions, to totally  out-of-the-box experiences, MWM  offers  an  educational  experience  in  a  fun  and  relaxed atmosphere, with sufficient networking time allocated to facilitate relationship building.

In-House Training

Wine and wine service is an important point of differentiation, as this vast and complex topic leaves much to be exploited. Especially in Asia and Hong Kong, where wine consumption is growing faster than anywhere else in the world, the top organizations are calling in the highly sought after and rare Master of Wine to refine and enhance their wine offerings.

We creates bespoke training programs to help you surpass your peers by partnering with a Master of Wine, cultivate your wine offering, and strengthen its name through brand association, with top educators and program content designed by Debra Meiburg MW.

Debra has been a significant influence in bringing knowledge and appreciation of wine to people in Hong Kong and China. Her wine talks, delivered with great wit and charm, are informative, enjoyable and a special experience for any aspiring wine lover.

Clement Kwok - Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, The Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels, Ltd.

A charming yet practical tool to help wine lovers discover their individual taste preferences and makes smart wine purchasing decision.

Christopher Cheng - Wai-chee Chairman, WingTai Asia

Tasting Wine with Debra is like a conversation with a friend. She invites you into her world with ease, grace and hospitality and before you know it she’s taught you the essentials of wine appreciation.

Kenneth Gaw - Managing Director, Pioneer Global Group Ltd.

Everything you need to know about the beauty of wine appreciation from a very knowledgeable and beautiful lady.

Dr William Fung Kwok Lun - Group Managing Director, Li & Fung

A fast-paced and fascinating read gives you the critical vocabulary to start your wine conversation with confidence in this superbly condensed account that has eliminated the non-essentials.  It goes right to the core.

William Kwok Pu Ng - Managing Director, Burberry Asia Ltd.

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