WSET Certificate Course

Level 1 


If you like wines but you don’t have a chance to really understand what it is. WSET Level 1 is for you! Level 1 will answer these questions you may have:

  • Why wines are wines? (How wine is made and main types of wine)
  • Why a wine is different from the others? (Style of wines and what make a wine different)
  • How to say why I like this wine? (Systematic approach to wine tasting)
  • What wines to open during meals? (Basic principles of food and wine pairing)
  • Having wines at home? (Wine storage tips and wine serving techniques)

In 6 hours only, our wine teachers will bring your wine knowledge into a pro level, with an international recognised certificate.


45 minutes
30 multiple-choice questions
70% passing grade

Course Structure

6 tutoring hours


No previous knowledge required
Examination applications must be over 18+

Package Offers

WSET Level 1 Award in Wines

WSET Level 2 Award in Wines & Spirits $8,000

WSET Level 3 Award in Wines $15,000

WSET Level 1+2      $9,000
(save $1,180, including FREE Grape Cues 100s, worth $180)

WSET Level 2+3      $20,700
(save $2,780, including FREE Wine Trade Guide, worth $480)

WSET Level 1+2+3      $21,250
(save $5,350, including FREE Grape Cues Wine Quiz Cards Collectors’ Series, worth $1,600 and exclusive invitations to selected seminar/masterclass/trade events)

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