WSET Course in Hong Kong|WSET Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 & Level 4

Offering WSET courses, Hong Kong's MWM Wine School offers WSET level 1, WSET level 2 and WSET level 3 courses to all wine enthusiasts in HK. Graduating WSET level 4 is a prerequisite to applying for the Master of Wine program.

The WSET provides globally reconised WSET course and qualifications in wines, spirits and sake, for professionals and enthusiasts. The courses given by WSET were originally intended for people in the wine & spirit trade. The WSET programmes have increasingly been attended also by non-professional connoisseurs. The WSET also offers professional certification\course in the United States, with programs in US, China mainland and Hong Kong.

The WSET course which include WSET Level 1, WSET Level 2,WSET Level 3 & WSET Level 4. has been translated into 19 languages and expanded in more than 60 countries/territories, with more than 600 authorized institutions.

WSET training is achieved through teaching organizations around the world. These teaching organization after the WSET strict screening and evaluation, to ensure that the qualifications for the WSET qualification education, only in this kind of teaching organization for regular WSET course, students should be sure by WSET level of certification. WSET also has a group of certified teachers at the same time, the teachers will regularly attend WSET retraining, in order to ensure that what they teach keep up with the development of wine trade and industry developments.

MWM is one of the education institutions which had get the authority from WSET and make sure to provide the professional knowledge and WSET course to the people who interested in wine Hong Kong.

WSET Level 1
This program provides basic product knowledge and skills in the service and storage of wines. . This qualification is suitable for elementary level students who want to know and learn about the wine and food pairing techniques . Level 1 provide a basic introduction to the main styles of wines. the students will get a WSET certification and a badge after completing this course successfully.

WSET Level 2
Level 2 is recommended for those who have basic level of wine knowledge ,which want to learn in-depth the main grape variety , wine areas of the grape planting knowledge. The course will also provide the introduction about the main categories of spirits and sweet spirits .This program is suitable for wine lovers who want to be able assess wines with professionalism.

WSET Level 3
Level 3 is designed for those who are ask for make technical Appraisal of wines with regards to their price, quality, and style.  This qualification provides in-depth product knowledge for those who work in supplier , wholesale, import retail in wine selection.  It is recommended for wine lover or those who are in a position to suggest management and make ideal selections of wine in a variety of condition.